From the recording Born Legend (Clean)


They thought I was done after Truth Be Told
Something tells me I was made for this
Damn, you know I really guess that makes me
Born Legend
I’m in a different mode now
Imma just kick my feet up
F*** it let me just kick my feet up
I tried to tell them Truth Be Told wasn’t going anywhere
Just watch me come through

I’m sipping Mai tais my head in a daze
Account overflowing I’m truly living better days
With the plat that I’m selling I should give myself a raise
But to keep 100 humble God deserve all the praise
I can buy 2 mansions with all the dues that I paid
I’m just now seeing the blessings from all those nights I prayed
I can’t wait to cop the Maybach interior all suede
Truthfully they gon match the sheets where my head lay
Weed and Cuban cigars are all you gon see on my ash tray
Stop with the funny games or you can my kiss my ass okay
I’m bout to load My fridge up with all types of dusse’
Hip hop proposed to me after catching the bouquet
Smoking a blunt watching Friday thanks to O’Shea
Chilled with my white neighbors in my backyard playing croquet
but please don’t confuse me with that ole N***a OJ
A boss, Poet, lyricist switching my hat more times then Ray J
Say what you want they won’t mean more then the words I say
Lately it’s feeling like God only hearing the prayers that I pray
Knocking down the devil’s door to show who the real prey
Standing barefoot on marble floors as I wait for the valet
How could you mistake me for just another cliche
If I buy a new house that s*** gon come already prepaid
2 butlers, a cook, and a pilot when I want to catch sun rays
My life worth too much for you to ever be able appraise

I had to take a minute to paint this picture so vivid
I’m counted as number 1 on your favorite rapper’s wish list
I’ll create my own shots you can keep your funky assist
Illuminati starting to look jealous thanks to all my access
Alphabet boys knocking cause I tripled my assets
My down chick came to the door like he at his other address
They came searching but they won’t find what’s under the mattress
I’m taking everybody down and I’ll do it without the practice
Going Akon I need my own city to contain all of this blackness
Give me a stray jacket and you still won’t contain all of this madness
heavy with the wordplay I’m tilting the worlds axis
They following my life now I’m changing their names to Alice
but I’m not your white rabbit please don’t let me get tactless
I’ll go Ron Artest say f*** peace just before I go malice
I’m so royal now I guess I deserve my own palace
I’m here to stay on your ear like an infected callous
These rappers really scared but I gave them plenty chances
I’m perfecting the game now there’s no need for anymore patches
I’m setting fire to any track I’m on without the need for matches
You just heard a master class now get off my f***ing campus